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i d e a   k r e a t a m a   m a n d i r i (Ideatama) is a Jakarta-based interior design-build firm that provides design consultation and construction services around Indonesia. We are committed to deliver excellence by integrating design and production. 

With almost twenty years’ experience in the field, Ideatama has built a reputable name for providing exceptional design and construction services with numerous projects all around Indonesia. Our project ranges from residential projects, offices, apartment, show units, department stores to retail developments. We strive to provide the best services, with our in-house innovative production and quality control, to ensure customer satisfaction.

v i s i o n  

&   M i s s i o n

o u r   g o a l  is to be the most respected interior design company and the primary choice in the industry.

We are committed to maximize customer satisfaction by maintaining customer relationship and providing outstanding products and services. 

By integrating design consultation and construction, we strive to meet customer wants and needs through the realization of a design concept.

We manufacture our products in-house with innovative technology to ensure quality control and able to deliver exceptional products.

I D E A T A M A   provides full service of custom design and construction, mainly in retail and residential projects.

Design Service - including but not limited to:
  . Initial consultation
. Concept development
. 2D constrution drawings
. 3D renderings realization

Construction Service - including but not limited to:
. Interior work
. Custom furniture
. Built-in, panelling and loose cabinetry
. Full installation

A B O U T   U S 

S E R V I C E 

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